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Closed doors

I saw this tweet the other day.

The Quest is a podcast I made to bring the world stories of the people who have struggled and fought and finally made it, and how they have actually found happiness and deeper meaning beyond success.

East, West, One Nation under God

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Introducing: Jaeson Ma

Jaeson Ma is a media executive, artist and serial entrepreneur. He is hailed as a revolutionary pioneer in bridging talent between Asian and Western cultural markets.

Jaeson has been credited as:

Growing Roses from Concrete

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Introducing: Prophet Walker

At the age of 16, Prophet Walker was sentenced to six years in jail. There, he helped introduce a two-year college degree program to give the incarcerated an opportunity to move forward. He was one of the first graduates of the program.

Today, a quick Google search of Walker returns a link to the White House archives. He was a guest of First Lady Michelle Obama at the 2015 State of the Union address in recognition for his endeavors in community leadership. …

Life After Farmville

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Introducing: Amitt Mahajan

Ammit Mahajan is a serial entrepreneur and the creator of Farmville, a grow-you-own-farm game that took the world by storm. He:

  • Co-founded MyMiniLife (virtual world game acquired by Zynga)
  • Co-created Farmville (most popular FaceBook game)
  • Co-founded RareBits (blockchain company)


Amitt grew up in suburban Chicago in a middle-class immigrant household. He got into computers at a young age. By 9 he was doing his mother’s CS homework, modding Quake and Doom (the hottest games at the time). …

The Kan Bro with a Billion-Dollar Exit

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Dan Kan (left) and Kyle Vogt (right) in a Cruise car

Introducing: Dan Kan.

Dan Kan, the brother of Justin Kan, started off his career with 30+ rejections for jobs, he then went on to:

  • Found Appetizely (app for every restaurant)
  • Run Exec (personal assistants on-demand) with Justin
  • Become co-founder & Chief Product Officer of Cruise — a self-driving car company that sold to General Motors for more than $1B.

The Kan elements

Entrepreneurship ran strong in the Kan household. Dan Kan pays much of the tribute to his mother, who started various businesses. …

Building a unicorn digital pharmacy

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Matt Gamache-Asselin (pictured left) and Jamie Karraker,
Co-founders, Alto Pharmacy

Who’s Matt?

Matt Gamache-Asselin is one of the scrappiest entrepreneurs I’ve ever met. Five years ago, he was a junior engineer at Facebook, dreaming about startups. Today, he’s the founder of Alto, a digital pharmacy startup that serves tens of thousands of patients and has raised $350M in investment funding. I’ve watched him struggle, survive, and thrive on his journey, and am lucky to consider him a close personal friend.

My notes:

I met Matt & Jamie in 2015 when they were engineers at Facebook. They wanted to start a co, but wanted the assurance of raising $ before quitting their day jobs. I asked them how anyone would believe in the founders if they didn’t believe in themselves. …

You will work with Robin and Justin on all investments. This is the opportunity to see the entire process of investing, from sourcing to diligence to winning the deal. You will learn how to become a great investor from founders who have been investing here for a decade in some of the fastest growing companies.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Ideate and vet areas to build new startups in
  • Manage back office vendors for fund operations
  • Strong work ethic
  • Strong analytical and written communication skillset

You will work with us on mocking up ideas for new startups. We have a lot of them, and they span the gamut from new consumer apps to healthcare. You should enjoy learning about new ideas and new industries.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Experience with all the parts of the design process, including visual design, user experience, rapid prototyping, and branding
  • Experience designing both web and mobile apps

Our real passion at Goat is starting companies. We have spent our whole careers in startups, and survived every part of the startup journey, from four founders crammed in a two bedroom apartment that doubled as our office to billion dollar exits. We know that startups are a very painful but very accelerated learning process.

We are recruiting cofounders to start companies with us as CEO (and other cofounding positions).

What we bring:

  • Experience. We have built companies that have product market fit and seen companies that have product market fit. We have a mental model based on years of experience on what to focus on and what to ignore to get to the next level. …

Like everyone else in Silicon Valley, we are stoked to announce our own new fund: Goat Capital.

Goat Capital is a fund that Robin Chan and I will use to do what we do best: incubate and invest in early stage startups.

We have been early investors in Twitter, Xiaomi, Bird, Uber, Square, Ginkgo Bioworks, Scale.ai, Cruise, Razorpay, Xendit, Equipment Share, Wave, Teachable, Semantic Machines, Rippling, Built Robotics and many other great companies.

We have also started our own startups. Most failed. A few were quite successful. We know what it is like at every part of the founding journey.

We called our fund Goat because we believe the goat is a hardy animal that exemplifies the qualities of good founders. …


Justin Kan

Be kind to yourself. If you won’t, who will?

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